You Are Responsible For Your Own Healing


Focus on the Things You Can  Change


Recently I have been reading the 50 greatest self help books ever published. They all have timeless advice that can help you transform your life. I know the anticipation when you buy a self-help book. Maybe this will be the book that will change my life. I have had books that have changed my life. One of them is a simple little book called the Four Agreements by Ruiz Miguel. Those darned agreements seem simple enough but I struggle with two of them every day. The good news I have an awareness that I am struggling with them.

One topic covered in many self help books is “The Power of Thought”.  Change your thoughts, and change your life. Controlling how your think, mindfulness, positive thinking are all powerful life changers but what happens for the people who cannot seem to step into this arena no matter how hard they try. Some people are not able to change their thoughts until they clear the issues that are in their subconscious.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for making permanent and effective change which must be made at the subconscious level. Sometimes the “issue” that needs to be cleared is hidden. Making changes at the subconscious level leaves will power and motivation out of the picture, and allows a gentle platform for accessing hidden beliefs that have you programmed into non helpful behavior. Also with self-hypnosis you can use positive statements designed to change subconscious programming. Once you have released some of your old programming you can then be free to discover definite chief aim or to determine and setting goals can change your life for the better. The nice thing about hypnosis is change is often rapid and non invasive.


Love & Light, Sharron Magyar