Stress Reduction and
Energy Rebalancing Program

A proven Step-by-Step Program to help you reduce
Your stress in your life . . .Guaranteed!

Get Ready To Discover...

  • The latest stress management and relaxation techniques.
  • How to be calm where you used to experience Apprehensions or Fears or Anger.
  • How to relax your body on demand.
  • How to develop Sleep Improvement.
  • How to improve concentration and remembering.
  • How sound can positively realign your energetic body.
  • A drug free way to reduce stress in your life.
  • How to Regain a Positive Mental Attitude or to Manage Situational Stress.
  • How to experience peace and joy in your life.
  • A Definite Chief Aim or to Determine and Set Goals.

Promote Wellness, Regain control and activate your life so you may live your full life potential.

Join the ranks of Veterans who have leaned to use hypnosis to completely transform their lives. Here is what a few of them had to say about working with my membership site . . .

“Hypnosis with Sharron has been good for me because the confusion in my mind is now manageable. I have been able to tie things together for better understanding. Not only did I have the PTSD experience of Desert Storm but I came from a difficult family situation with my father. I have now been able to cut the ties that were having a negative impact on me. Now that I am able to understand what causes fear, it allows me to stand back and observe a situation rather than reacting to it. I am now feeling lighter in my spirit, less stress and finally I am at peace.”

Storm Veteran – Ken Meyer

“Working with Hypnosis with Sharron has changed my life magically in ways a person can’t imagine. It has made me handle my money better, be a more responsible person, stand up and take ownership, helped me stop smoking and drugging. It had made a difference in the way I walk in life, the way I stand up in life. With hypnosis you don’t realize your changing until the change is already there. Now I look in the mirror and I like what I see, it is no longer who I used to be in the mirror. Hypnosis has made me proud of me.”

Urban Warfare - Raymond Brown

“Working with Sharron with hypnosis has helped me to learn how to relax any time any place I choose. Before my work with hypnosis I would get agitated and had difficulty being in any situation where there people or noise. Since I have learned self hypnosis I can put myself into a complete state of relaxation and let the noise and commotion just pass over me. I am less anxious, less reactive and in control of my emotions.”

Veteran – David Stark

“My life has changed since I worked with hypnosis with Sharron. Anxiety and hopelessness overshadowed everything I did. Since using the hypnosis MP3’s I am more optimistic, have a more positive mental attitude and have more self confidence. Physically, emotionally and mentally my life has changed for the positive. I no longer experience fatigue, digestive problems, and feelings of panic. Gradually over time I began to notice the differences. I would recommend hypnosis with Sharron for any veteran who wants to regain control over their life.”

rm Veteran – John Speaks

This membership site teaches you the latest proven stress-management and relaxation techniques through the use of hypnosis and sound. Each technique is presented with information followed by step by step instructions for using the hypnosis/sound MP3’s. As you listen to the hypnosis recordings you will gain new insight to your personal stress response and learn how to relax, reestablish balance and a sense well-being in your life.

Stress is an everyday fact of life. Not all stress is bad but stress sometimes can become problematic depending on how you respond to it. As a veteran you experience stress from five basic sources:

  • The environment – noise, weather, traffic.
  • Social stressors – job, interpersonal conflict, financial issues, grief issues.
  • Physical stressors – poor sleep, physical pain, injuries, illness.
  • Your thoughts. How you interpret and label your experiences and what you foresee for your future can serve to relax or stress you.
  • Unacknowledged Soul Wounds

Stress can be accumulating. What happened to you two, five, ten years ago may still be affecting you now. Past events can be a factor in your stress responses.

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    These interactive power points & videos help you absorb and implement each step in the program easily.

    Easily digestible modules support you as you go through the program at your own pace. It is as simple as counting 1, 2, and 3.

    Everything is laid out for you in an easy accessible manner.



    These features that set the hypnosis recordings apart from anything on the market